Master Coaching Support

Master Coaching Support

Inner Energy Weight Loss

Master Coaching Support



Pick Apart All Your Daily Activities That May Be Hurting Your Inner Energy and Making It Hard for You Slim Down



When you start our coaching program, you will receive a startup questionnaire. In this simple questionnaire, we’ll pick out all the daily activities that are deteriorating your inner energy.

Simple questions like:

“When you wake up do you get up right away? Yes or No.”

When you sleep, your inner energy is building up, with the most during the short moment where your mind truly pauses. However, when you wake up, if you take too long to get up, you will hurt your inner energy and you will have to eat a lot more (and your body will tell you to with a much greater appetite) during the day to keep up.

That gives your stomach more work and less time to strengthen itself — thus defeating the purpose of weight management.

In the questionnaire, there are more simple questions like this to get rid of habits that may be hurting your inner energy daily little by little and defeating all your weight loss efforts.


Half of the battle is won just by fixing your Qi-Killing habits (wrongs that you’ve always thought were right…)

Building inner energy is long-term process, every activity you do already use inner energy. In order for build inner energy to a level better than your current situation, you want to make sure everything you do is aligned with building more inner energy – instead of hurting it.


Receive Personal advice on your current situation

While building inner energy is simple, the process is not straightforward.

As your physical body changes, you will find new sensations or remember old sensations. These old and familiar sensations were your body try to alert you that your internal states are weakening but you ignored in the past.

You may feel pain and discomfort in small portion or sometimes in big portion.

Sometimes, it is very confusing. If you don’t have a personal mentor who’s walked the path, then it is easy get lost and be scared into giving up.

There is only one way to deal with all the sensations, ignore them. But it’s easier said than done.

Moreover, sometimes, you may be wondering if you’re doing the practice correctly.

You will also have questions what those sensations mean and why and what to do…


Have a Personal Mentor Who’s Walked the Path …

This is where the coaching support program comes in. In addition to the daily worksheet to keep track of your practice, you’ll get email support from me or my associates who’s actually practiced inner energy methods.

We’ve been there, experienced the process, and walked the path. You know in all area of life – the path is easier to navigate when you have someone who know the way leading the way and answering questions for you.






Inner Energy Weight Loss Master Coaching Support:


Master Coaching Support is for you if you’ve read the book and is serious about getting results and want all your questions answered every step along the way.

  • Startup Questionnaire (Daily Routine Checkup)
  • Inner Energy Buildup Quick Reference Sheet (Cheat Sheet)
  • Email Support from Advanced Inner Energy Practitioners


Price: $297.00 USD / Month ($149 Bi-Weekly)