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Shut OFF The Body’s FAT Code to Become a “Naturally Lean” Person by Boosting “Unboostable” BMR (The Only Medical Proven Key to Losing Weight)

Rest & Still Lose Fat. Virtually No Diet. No Intense Workout. Lose Fat From Day 1. Automatically Lose Belly Fat. Powers Energy-Center for Flat Abs & Strong Sex Drive. Unlikely to Get Fat Ever Again (No Rebound Weight Gain)

Here’s what modern science has to say about weight loss:

BMR, Basal Metabolic Rate, is Your Resting Metabolism and is determined by “genetics” and can’t be “changed”.  This is proven by medical community as the sole factor whether you are slim or overweight.  Boost Your “Unboostable” BMR with Inner Energy Masters’ Methods and You Shut OFF The Body’s FAT System.

The practice of inner energy will offer you a way to drastically increase your metabolism, so you can lose weight and maintain a fit figure naturally.  Like those envied few.

Inner Energy and Modern Medical Weight Loss Science
Jing (“Heat”) –(convert)–> Qi (“Energy”)–(convert) –> Shen (“Consciousness”) –> N/R

The formula above is very important in Inner Energy practice.  The Speed of Transforming “Heat” to “Energy” is key to health, fitness and age reversal.  Of course, losing weight is a subset of health so it is included.  Strong Metabolism means Strong Qi.  Strong Qi also means Strong Metabolism.  Raise Your Qi through the methods I show you, you automatically raise your metabolism.

Current science says you can only increase BMR by making yourself bigger – meaning adding muscle to your body.  However…

As of Last Year, I Had a Higher BMR than a muscle builder who’s twice my size and half my age!

This means I’m losing fat and getting healthier even when I’m just sitting down… The difference is climatic.  Without a high BMR, you will find weight loss a near impossible task.

BMR Also Decreases with Age.  You’ll Find Out Why Below.  I Will Also Show You How to Age Reverse Your BMR.

Joint FAO/WHO/UNU Expert Consultation on Energy and Protein Requirements

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How to Spike Your BMR Higher Each Day to Lose Excessive Weight, Stay Slim Automatically, and Rejuvenate Your Body

In the discussion of inner energy, I will often use a term “blockage.”  Before we get started, I want to explain what it means.

When I use the term “blockage”, I am referring to both energy and physical blockages within your body that slows down the flow of energy and blood (which means a slow down in the efficiency of all your organs).

At the beginning, it all starts with energy blockage and then in time it becomes physical blockages.

These blockages are what slows your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which has been proven to be the key to whether an individual maintains, loses, or gains weight.

BMR has been shown to slow with age (As an infant, your energy flow is unobstructed in most parts of the body, some people better some worse depending on your genetics).  The slowdown is due to one’s continual release of negative energy into the physical body over one’s lifetime, whether through inappropriate foods (containing negative Qi or negative substances), negative emotions, negative external energy or negative living environments.

In this book, you will learn to rid your body of all the blockages and stop creating new ones within your body to get back your BMR to a level where your physical body will lose excess weight, stay slim “automatically” and eventually start rejuvenating itself.

Inner Energy will take you a whole new world of health and fitness – one you’ve never seen or heard from the world of modern fitness.

What You Get:
  • Have The “Automatic” Lean Belly by Fixing Your Inner Energy Reservoir (Responsible for Flat Abs, Natural Attraction & Sex Drive) to Automatically Lose Belly Fat and Become Unlikely to Get Fat Ever Again
  • Your weight loss came from an internal system fix.  This Means No Rebound Weight Gain
  • 90-Day Internal Body Transformation. Without any serious internal illness to begin, it takes approximately 90 days for the internal body to transform and renew itselfAfter that, it is easy for you to stay slim automatically into the future.
  • How strong your inner energy reservoir determines how fast you can convert “food heat” into “energy”.  This conversion rate (BMR, Basal Metabolic Rate) determines your slim and fit figure.  High BMR means you would be losing fat and slimming down every single minute and second of your day even when you’re resting.  Strong Qi reservoir effectively shuts OFF the body’s FAT system to automatically rid your belly fat.
  • Automatically Increase and Reverse the Age Degenerative Effect on Your BMR w/ Powerful Qi Methods.
  • Strong BMR combined with the proper sleeping routine will have you lose weight without any extra effort on your part.
  • Lose Fat From Day 1 w/ a Powerful Qi Drink
  • Further Effortless Fat Loss Methods Using Qi-Diet with Power Qi Foods & Supplements
  • Find Out The True Inner Workings of Your Physical Body as Scientists Are Just Now Beginning To Discover with Inner Energy Practices…
  • You May Forget About Fat Loss For Good
  • Visualization Taught by Qi Masters (Specifically for Weight Loss)
  • Positive Affirmation Taught by Qi Masters
  • How to Walk to Generate Immense Amount of Inner Energy to Clear Blockages in Your Body Causing You to Gain Weight
  • Store New Qi Generated From Walk In Your Inner Energy Reservoir Responsible for Flat Abs and Sex Drive
  • Two Kinds of Sweat – The Right One Will Help You Slim Down
  • Why I’m Not Telling You to Run
  • Special Meditation Technique for Digestive Tracts
  • The Key to Building Inner Energy
  • The Biggest Enemy to Building Inner Energy
  • Origin Points for Weight Loss (The Switch to Open All Acupressure Points)
  • Foods & Supplements with Ample Inner Energy to Lose Weight without Any Physical Effort (Including the Most Powerful Qi Supplement Known to Inner Energy Masters)
  • Foods That Hurt Inner Energy and Cause Weight Gain
  • Powerful External Energy Sources for Digestive Tracts
  • Energy Stones for Digestive Tracts (Another Effortless Weight Loss Method)
  • More Signs of Your Digestive Tracts Strengthening
  • How to Socialize for Weight Loss

Discussion of simple and advanced inner energy practices

There are many methods for building inner energy. Like all methods, they range from simple to advanced practices.

Simple methods are straightforward, easy to practice, and you’ll see results right away. These are the everyday QiGong or Taichi practices you see people do. You have seen so many people practice these supposedly great energy exercises. Yet have you wondered why many of them still look weak and fragile? In The Inner Energy Weight Loss Book, you will find out why…

The only exception are the masters who dedicated their lives to QiGong and Taichi and knows very advanced inner energy practices that are very difficult to master. But you already know you don’t have a lifetime to practice these methods… right?

The practices of our inner energy weight loss methods are focused for fast and dramatic results. You’ll not only get weight loss results the fastest possible way but with the least effort.

You will also find this is also one of fastest way to get fit, get strong, and get athlete.

Dear Health Seeker,

In ancient China, the practice of inner energy is called Nei-Gong (內功), meaning Internal-Kung Fu. It is the basic energy practice to return one’s inner physical body to a truly healthy state.

It plays an essential role in a set of practices to attain a truly healthy state of mind and body.

When you practice the core inner energy method taught in my book, the inner energy generated is strong, hard, and hammer-like.  It is designed to break down the major energy/physical blockages in your body.  On the opposite, soft energy generation like meditation, sleep, visualization, positive affirmation, or hypnosis will have a near impossible time doing.

This is why the people doing these soft-practices for “decades” will never get anywhere because they’ve got the order wrong!

The order is Wu-Gong (武功), Qi-Gong (氣功), Nei-Gong (內功). Then Tao-Gong (道功). Finally Zen-Gong (禪功). The latter two, Tao- and Zen-Gong is more geared toward spiritual enlightenment.

Everyone is trying to do “Zen-Gong” (禪功) before all of those previous 4 steps.

The hammer-like practices (no, it’s not intense exercise) is what is called “Nei-Gong” or “Internal Kung Fu”.

This will give back a truly healthy body.  After that, it’s slim, fit, and a truly free reality for you.

Only after all of the blockages in your body are cleared, can you be called a truly healthy person and you will always keep a lean and fit figure – unless you really want to break it.

In this book, you will find out a technique that encompasses all three of the inner energy practices specifically on transforming your physical body, Wu-Gong (武功), Qi-Gong (氣功), and Nei-Gong (內功).

It is one of the most efficient inner energy practices and requires no complicated instructions.

I’ll also teach you to do the “Soft” Practices (Visualization, Positive Affirmation, Meditation) correctly (NOT the way you’ve been told by social media, but the way passed down from Chinese Inner Energy Masters) to complement our core “Hammer-Like” practices.  Only these three are required because I want the fastest and most efficient methods.  The other soft methods, like hypnosis, take too much time.  Time is a resource you and I cannot afford to waste. You’ll get maximum benefits from the 2-minutes of visualization and positive affirmation and then meditation my way.

On top of that, you’ll get an array of powerful energy sources available to you without any practice to lead you to weight loss.

The true goal of strengthening your body is so you can go on to pursue your heart’s desire.

Life is short. Time is limited. I want you to lose weight and get fit in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort.

That’s why you want to practice the most efficient inner energy weight loss methods and use the simplest and most powerful inner energy sources available.

I don’t want you get trapped into an endless addiction of playing around with Qigong or some fitness fads that could get you nowhere.

Get your body right, fast, and go on to pursue your life’s true calling.

I promise when your body is back to optimal state, your calling will come.


David H Teng

Publisher & Inner Energy Practitioner
Karma & Enlightenment, Inc.



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