Inner Energy Weight Loss

Inner Energy Weight Loss


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Super NeiGong of Taoist Buddhist Ancient Monks

(This Powerful Qi Generated From NeiGong is Hard to Generate From Yoga, Reiki, Exercise, QiGong, Taichi, Weights, Meditation, Hypnosis, Some Singing Bowl Sounds, Etc)

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Powerful NeiGong Opening Your Chakras


Health, Beauty, Wisdom, Love, Money are all natural benefits of balanced chakras

Every imbalanced chakra will lead overweight problems with the most serious offender being the root chakra...

Root Chakra (Muladhara):

  • Element: Earth
  • Corresponding Color: Dark Red, Back
  • Body Part: Bottom of Spine, HuiYing (between the reproductive organ and anus)
  • Corresponding Horoscope from Astrology: Gemini, Cancer
  • Energy Meaning: Innocence, Survival, Life Force
  • Healthy State:
    • Physical: Powerful legs, flexible leg joints, strong physical restoration ability, strong reproductive ability, normal excretion
    • Mental: Confidence in Self-Worth, Feelings of Protection and Support, Feelings of Childish Innocence
  • Unhealthy State:
    • Trauma: Mental or physical abuse during youth from bodily or sexual abuse causing nonacceptance of intimate relationships
    • Blocked: Unsatisfactory maternal relationships during youth causing rejection of one’s worth. Large lower body and insatiable appetite.
    • Underactive: Extended youth living in shame or lack of self-respect or freedom. Possibly causing anorexia.
    • Overactive: Lack of feeling of security during youth. Over-eating and sex to satisfy oneself.

Navel Chakra (Svachusthana)

  • Element: Water
  • Corresponding Color: Orange
  • Body Part: 2 inches below belly button
  • Corresponding Horoscope from Astrology: Taurus, Leo, Virgo
  • Energy Meaning: Sexuality, Passion, Creativity, Courage, Trust
  • Healthy State:
    • Physical: Strong lower body, flexible lower back, normal sexual needs
    • Mental: Intimate relations, non-over attachment or detachment, enjoyment of physical touch, self-worth
  • Unhealthy State:
    • Trauma: Strong setbacks during intimate relations, unable to express emotions, no courage to face problems, intestinal problems
    • Blocked: Extended youth lacking validations, unwilling to express own feelings, lost of courage, affecting sexual performance
    • Underactive: Extended living with no self-validations or external validations, lost of self-worth, unable to trust others, unable to accept intimate relationships
    • Overactive: Rejects intimate relationships, over-controlling in relationships through various means, abnormal sexual relationships, digestive problems

Solar Plexus (Manipura)

  • Element: Fire
  • Corresponding Color: Yellow
  • Body Part: Slightly lower peritoneal
  • Corresponding Horoscope from Astrology: Aries, Leo
  • Energy Meaning: Courage, Power, Rational, Social
  • Healthy State:
    • Physical: Normal Digestive Function, Healthy Muscle Joints, Strong Backbone, Strong Liver Function
    • Mental: Self Confidence, Leadership, Clear-Minded, Rational and Logical, Strong-Willed, and Proactive
  • Unhealthy State:
    • Trauma: Strong Social Anxiety, Unable to Hold a Job Due to Anti-Social Behavior, Over-Tense, Sever Stomach Problems
    • Blocked: Anti-Social, Unable to Listen to Others, Lack of Self-Confidence, Digestive Problem
    • Underactive: Unable to fulfill social duties and personal responsibilites, liver problems
    • Overactive: Unable to listen to others, obsessed with power, fame, money, and social status. Arrogance. Too much pride. Liver problems.

Heart Chakra (Anahata)

  • Element: Wind
  • Corresponding Color: Green, Pink
  • Body Part: Middle of Chest, Center Between Two Nipples
  • Corresponding Horoscope from Astrology: Libra, Pisces
  • Energy Meaning: Love, Hope, Empathy
  • Healthy State:
    • Physical: Strong Immune System, Normal Respiratory Function, Flexible Back Muscles
    • Mental: Able to Express and Accept Love, Empathic, Hopeful on Life
  • Unhealthy State:
    • Trauma: Untrusting of Others, Over-Sensitive to Intimate Relationships, Doubtful of Others’ Sincerity, Heart and Lung Problems
    • Blocked: Rejecting of Others’ Love, Unable to Express One’s Feeling of Love, Lack of Empathy, Loneliness, Respiratory Problems, Weak Heart and Lung Functions
    • Underactive: Unable to communicate with others, unable to feel the surrounding love, feeling of being abandoned, heart disease, blood vessel problem, abnormal lung function
    • Overactive: Unable to fulfill the need for love, over-controlling over lover, unemphatic, high blood pressure, hypertension

Throat Chakra (Vishuda)

  • Element: Light
  • Corresponding Color: Blue
  • Body Part: Mid-Lower Throat
  • Corresponding Horoscope from Astrology: Scorpio, Aquarius
  • Energy Meaning: Communications, Persuasion, Equality, Wisdom, Words
  • Healthy State:
    • Physical: Normal Eating Habit, Clear Pronunciation, Clearly Express Oneself Through Words and Speech, Normal Hearing and Tasting Functions
    • Mental: Easily Communicate with Others, Clearly Express One’s Intention, Correctly Understand Others’ Intentions, Sociable
  • Unhealthy State:
    • Traumatized: Rejects communications, Uses Verbal Attacks, Social Outcast, Abnormal taste function, respiratory function problem
    • Blocked: Depressed, Unable to Connect Socially, Daydreaming, Thyroid gland problems
    • Underactive: Rejects others’ sympathy, unable to connect socially, thyroid gland problems, loss of voice, respiratory infections
    • Overactive: Unable to Listen to Others’ Opinions, Unable to Distinguish between ideal and reality, vocal chord problems

Third-Eye Chakra (Ajna)

  • Element: Spiritual Light
  • Corresponding Color: Indigo
  • Body Part: Center Between The Eye Brows
  • Corresponding Horoscope from Astrology: Sagittarius, Capricorn
  • Energy Meaning: Awakening, No Doubts, Observation
  • Healthy State:
    • Physical: No Sleep Disorders, Normal Eye Functions, Smooth Facial Features,
    • Mental: Balance between rational and emotional, strong sense of moral, responsibility for own actions, mindful of own actions
  • Unhealthy State:
    • Traumatized: Arrogant, Outcast, Unable to Fit In Socially, Problem Focusing, Vision Problems, Sleeping Disorders
    • Blocked: Unable to Concentrate, Lack of Observation Ability, Loss of Memory, Lack of Logical Reasoning, Migraines, Long-Term Headaches
    • Underactive: Unable Distinguish Illusion and Reality, Depression, Paranoia, Mal-nutrition, Hallucinations
    • Overactive: Over-Dedication to Religions/Spiritual Belief or Doctrine, Over-Controlling of Others through Morals. Hyperactive. Tense facial muscles.

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

  • Element: Void
  • Corresponding Color: Purple
  • Body Part: Top of Head
  • Energy Meaning: Compassion, Wisdom, Initial Enlightenment, Evolution
  • Healthy State:
    • Physical: No Sleeping Disorders, Healthy Hormone System, Good Skin Condition
    • Mental: Peaceful, Tune and Balance one’s own emotions, spiritual
  • Unhealthy State:
    • Traumatized: Depressed on Life, Unable to Balance Inner Emotions, Memory Loss or Altered Memory, Hormone Disorder
    • Blocked: Blind Faith in Religions, Complains Often, Skin Problems, Hormone Disorder
    • Underactive: Blind Faith in Religions, Loss of Interest in Life, Suicidal
    • Overactive: Arrogant, Craves Others’ Adoration, Use of Doctrines to Control Others, Hormone Disorders, Hallucinations

* Chakras Information Courtesy of Seer


About Me

Dear Health Seeker,

For Years, I've Suffered from Near-Fatal Stomach Disease (Not Gonna Use The Word "Cancer" Because There's Officially No "Cure" For It. Entirely Different Subject...). I've experience Pain, Mental Meltdown, Degeneration in all parts of bodies, etc for many years. Since then I've practiced every sort of Inner Energy related practices you can think of. It was extremely difficult and requires incredible amount of experience and knowledge. There's barely anyone who can mentor you because the "True" Masters are all very reclusive...

I became severely overweight by eating as much as I could to keep up my energy level in order to stay alive following initial recovery from near-fatal illnesses.
With my knowledge of Inner Energy (I was lucky enough to know a few real masters personally who are all very reclusive), I began to use Qi to specifically lose weight. I lost 1 Pound A Day for 60 Straight Days without Changing Any Diet. And with No Exercise. In fact, I actually eat more than before. As of Last Year, I Had a Higher BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate i.e. resting metabolism) than a muscle builder who's twice my size and half my age! That means I'm losing fat and getting more fit even when I'm resting.



David H Teng

Publisher & Inner Energy Practitioner


P.S. Some of The Other Benefits I Experienced Include.  Beautiful, Bouncy Hair, Better Vision (Lowered My Near-Sightedness), Vastly Improved Skin Conditions, Better Brain Functions, Acute Insight (Much Higher Wisdom Than Before), Improved Facial Appearances (Hopefully. With NeiGong. The World Will Be Able to Skip Plastic Surgeries In The Future Unless It's for Medical Reasons), Increased Sex Drive, and More.


Inner Energy Weight Loss

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